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Emergent Gravity

Gravity - an emergent property of the universe and does not exist in the quantum world. The properties of gravity can only be observed if the total mass reaches Mo. Same analogy for water that it is not possible to describe its properties by studying one molecule of H2O.

Mass constant (Mo) - the newly discovered hidden link which connects all of the below physical parameters from the very large to the very small.

  • Earth mass

  • Hydrogen mass

  • Reduced mass (hydrogen)

  • Proton mass

  • Electron mass

  • Planck mass

  • Planck length

  • Planck time

  • Planck temperature

  • Gravitational constant

  • Planck constant

  • Boltzmann constant

  • Hubble constant

  • CMB temperature

  • Elementary charge

  • Bohr radius

  • speed of light

  • velocity (Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution)

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